Plated chrome normally has fine network of cracks on the surface with thin dense chrome having less imperfections. However the corrosion of chrome plating normally proceeds by the corroding agent entering these cracks or pores and subsequently corrosion proceeds between the chrome layer and the steel, lifitng the chrome off. MLP  is a specific polymer which is melted into the surface of the chrome, it penetrates into the imperfections and effectivley seals the surface against ingress of corrosion . The salt spray resistance of the chrome can thus increase up to 1000 hrs. The MLP also lowers the coefficient of friction (see below):

Base Friction Co-eff (Static)
Steel on Steel 0.6
MLP on Steel 0.18
Chrome on Steel 0.16
MLP treated Chrome on Steel 0.04

MPL treated parts show a blue tinted appearance.

Addtional benefits are:

  • will not alter part dimensions
  • improved release properties
  • heat resistant to over 300 °C
  • resistant to solvents
  • all the MPL ingredients are considered FDA food and medical safe


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